Point and Shoot v DSLR

Two types of consumer cameras are on the market — SLR cameras and “point-and-shoot” cameras.

Point and Shoot 

P&S cameras are usually small and fit into a pocket or purse. They are best used for casual picture taking where capturing the memory is more important than creating a marketable image.

Point and shoot cameras mean just that, point the camera at something and trip the shutter. The camera does all the work for you

You don’t have to have a fancy camera to take great photographs. There some limitations as to what a point and shoot camera can do but that doesn’t mean it can’t take great images. You simply have to know your camera’s capabilities and apply solid photography techniques.

Ideal for people who value simplicity, the top cameras in the point and shoot category produce high quality pictures with an absolute minimum of effort. Made for photographers who don’t need a variety of manual controls, these cameras take the guesswork out of picture-taking. But don’t be fooled into thinking they are just for beginners. Available features include optical and digital zoom, movie mode (some with audio), special image effects, and many other options that can keep novice and experienced photographers alike very

The main difference between point and shoot and DSLR cameras is how the photographer sees the scene. In a point-and-shoot camera, the viewfinder is a simple window through the body of the camera. You don’t see the real image formed by the camera lens, but you get a rough idea of what is in view. This means that what you see through your viewfinder may not be what you capture on film or digital media. With a DSLR camera you view the scene through the lens (TTL)


SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex and DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex . These are the cameras you see many professionals and serious amateurs lugging around. These cameras have a larger body than most P&S cameras and interchangeable lenses. These cameras allow for great control over the photography process and allow the photographer to take images not always possible with a P&S.

The SLR is much larger and heavier than the point-and-shoot camera. If you are leaving the house to socialize and want a camera to keep in your pocket just in case an interesting photo presents itself, the SLR will seem cumbersome. If you are heading out specifically with a photographic project in mind you will appreciate how the SLR and its controls fit into your hands.

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