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Reflections on a new beginning - Photo by Tanmay Tiwari (From the album Reflections)
Reflections on a new beginning - photo by tanmay tiwari (from the album reflections)
Reflections On A New Beginning – Photo By Tanmay Tiwari (From The Album Reflections)

I feel like a ship,drifting aimlessly through the sea,
the horizon seems promising,but making it to the end seems bleak,
How shall i get through, with a hope so weak,
It never seemed so treacherous,
the sails had a good grip over the wind and would not let my ship trip,
Everything was happy and gay,
Until i sailed away,
How i wish i anchored myself on that very day,
the storm is getting fierce and strong,
i wonder, Is it going to drown me in the ocean,
Or let me live through all the commotion.


About the Poet: Priyanka Emily Monteiro is a student at Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal.

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