A poem, titled : “The view of the morning”

Hi! My name is Sailendra, and I’m a first year student in MIT, CSE Dept. I’m an amateur poet, and I wanted to contribute a bit to this blog, and publish some of the stuff I’ve written so far.

This was one of my first ones:

The view of the morning

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As I lay half asleep on a cold winter morning
I could, from my glassy frame see
The moon of the night, absconding
To give way, to the daylight’s key

The yellow sphere started the ascend
And the stars began fading away,
In the bright sky, the clouds did commend
The day-creator’s triumphant ray

I arose to see the river below flowing past
The clarity showed by the visible river bed
Into the serene scene was I cast
Into the sky, the outline of birds was fed

Everything appeared to be
As if an invisible hand was moving here and there
Making all that I could see
Come alive into a landscape so fair

The trees were so evergreen
And the grassy plains were just like
That from an artistic work that I had once seen,
Indeed I could guess heaven was almost alike!

Unlike the other humanly things I would,
In everyday life observe, scorning
The thing bringing me much joy, is and should
Be, the view of the morning!

: -C.S.Sailendra

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