Planning Your Romantic Future

romantic future
And this one is the pretty fairy at the Manipal University Fashion Show UTSAV 2012 | Photo by Mahesh Mayuur

“But where were they going without ever knowing the way?” Song: “The Way”

Great song and also a wonderful metaphor for dating and relationships.

Most people know that they want somebody – that perfect somebody that was meant just for you but how many of us have actually thought about what that means?

Sure you know your physical type. Some of us prefer blonds, others brunettes and still others are absolutely drawn to red hair and freckles.

But when was the last time you really went beyond body type and great sense of humor when looking for a guy?

Think about it. You go out on these man seeking missions, read all these how to articles, and flip on Oprah every weekday but if your goal is simply to “meet a man” your long term relationships have little chance of survival.

Target the man you want by first knowing what you are looking for.

Compile a list of characteristics that really appeal to you then think about where a guy that has these characteristics might hang out.

Care for a daredevil, with a sense of humor, who has your same passion for barbeque and camping? What about an adventure tour or trip in your home state?

Or what about chatting online in a chatroom that really appeals to your own passionate hobbies.

Think you want some sophisticated stud to romance you? Sounds great until you realize that Prince Charming may not fit into your lifestyle of weekend sweats and gardening. Also will your prince feel comfortable getting his hands dirty by taking out the trash?

Know who you are first and look for a man who will fit into your lifestyle.

Also be realistic about whether you are looking for a good time boy or a partner to last a lifetime.

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