Planning for College When You Live at Home

College students who plan to attend college while living at home have no idea of how to plan for college while living under their parent’s roof. For one thing, they want their independence and yet still want to find a way to live under their parent’s care. How can they do that and be free to make their own decisions about everything from school schedules to frat parties?

Planning for college can bring on a wide array of emotions and is very difficult for college students to do when living with parents who feel like they need to still put in their input on everything from curfew to what time it is best for the student to take their classes. Students who choose to attend a school close to home and stay under the watchful eye of their parents are really limiting their freedom of choice. Furthermore, they seem to forget that the college years are designed to begin adulthood without someone to hold their hand.

Students who choose to attend college and live at home due to financial hardships should take a moment to reconsider their situation. For starters, if they are staying at home in order to keep their parents from the burden of tuition then they need to look at going to school on grants and financial aid. If the student remains at home only to save money then they are missing the opportunity of dorm life and so many other factors which are very important for successful college life.

College students who are open to college life on campus should try it before choosing to remain at home and should take measures to pay for their own tuition. In-state tuition isn’t that pricey for most state colleges and universities and there are lots of funding options available for students who want to attend and live on campus.

Talk to your parents about the possibility of living on campus. If their reasons for keeping you close to the nest is because they fear you lack maturity to face campus life then try to remind them of the countless other teens who will flood the college campuses across the world and see if they will set up some kind of arrangement with you as long as you come home on the weekends. If so, you will find that you will enjoy your college life a lot more even if you do have to return home on the weekends.

If you are needed at home to care for a sick parent or another child in the family, then take the time to talk with your parents about when they think you will be able to experience college campus life or make concessions with them to let you try living on campus but still checking in daily at home if you are needed there to help.

College students who live on campus in the dorms often find they are more active within the student body and many students report they feel like they are more part of the college community if they live on campus. It is important for you to take the time to find out if you can live on campus and then if you can make the arrangements, try out living in a dorm your first year.

Dorm life enables you to meet friends you will have all of the days of your college life and many of those friends will go with you throughout your life. These will be the friends who are in your wedding and will be your friends who will be at your first born child’s birthdays and so many other important life events. So often after high school graduation, people part ways but not with college classmates; they become lifelong friends.

If you do end up and have to live at home when you start college, try to spend as much time on the college campus as possible. Participate in study groups and try to find ways to blend into the college community. Stay on campus for after class activities as much as possible and use the library for your study time. Take a full class load to keep you involved in classes on campus and out of the house.

As a college student, there’s nothing wrong with trying to keep your parents close and involved with your choices but you still need to try to pick your own class schedules including classes you want to take and times you think will work best for you. Remember, what you do with your life for the rest of your life often begins in college. Take the time to discover what you want to do with the rest of your life. College is the first day of your journey through the rest of your life. Considering what your parents want for you is one thing but doing what you want for you is entirely different. Make the decision to do what you want to do with your life.

The only way you can possibly feel good about living at home and attending college is if you still set some boundaries and keep your ideas strong. Once you face college, you face your future and while it’s great if your dad wants you to spend time in nursing school for RN training, ultimately you will be the one who will get up and go to work everyday. If the sight of blood bothers you, then nursing school is likely not for you.

Know what you want. Pursue your dreams and go for it. Don’t worry about anyone else’s goals for you and don’t let living at home become such interference that you forget why you are pursuing a college degree in the first place.

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