Pick me when I fall

What went wrong?

Was it not right?

Who is to blame?

Why did we even fight?


What just has happened,

Should I simply let go?

But where will I be,

If I do so?


Was everything a fake?

Am I too dumb to perceive,

That whatever I saw,

Was merely a dream, a fantasy.


Who should I turn to?

Will they believe?

Or when I ask for help,

Will they turn a deaf ear to me?


Why did this happen?

Am I that bad a person?

Or was it just the wrong match?

Not the perfect one.


All these questions,

You will be asking yourself.

Trying to figure out,

How you can be together again.


But most of all what you need,

Is someone to lend an ear.

To hear you out,

And shed a tear.


If you want to talk,

All you have, is to ask.

Remember I shall be there,

As a friend till the last…..

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