Photography and Social Networking

The Art of the Photographer - Photo courtesy:

Social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc have become extremely popular with today’s generation. Apart from staying connected with friends and the entertainment factor, these websites are highly helpful to some of professionals. I being a photographer myself and working in a digital media, need to understand the wonders it has in store for me to help my profession grow.

Photography is not about clicking and editing pictures alone. It’s way more than that. Networking being a very important aspect. Every photographer, no matter how good or bad he/she is, needs to socialize. And if it is coming at the comforts of your laptop, then why not? This is where social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and 500px comes handy. To have a better reach and to attract prospective clients, you should have a presence in all these websites and keep a healthy interaction with all your fans/followers.

The Art of The Photographer
The Art of the Photographer - Photo courtesy:

Being an active member of all these websites has helped me reach out the market and attract clients which range from wedding photography, portfolio shoots, product shoots and more. Meeting clients in person and negotiating, socializing with them on a general basis too does help. Another important aspect is keeping in touch with your old clients. They are the ones who are likely to do a free promotion for the good work served to them at one point of a time and for any future projects coming your way.

So next time you go out for a shoot, don’t just take your camera along, but also your laptop or your smart phone. Happy Socializing!

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