Photo Set of the Week: Be Cautious When you drive

DSC 9473 DXO

DSC 9492 DXO

This was in front of my building two days back.  I woke up to a loud noise in the middle of the night (enough to wake me up), checked and I saw a car lying in the middle of the road, crowded by students, a light pole strewn in the middle of the street.

From what I gathered, it was going very very fast, blew a tire?, went OVER the one foot tall median, smashed into the pole, rolled over (?), had the pole slam on the car crushing it.  Everyone inside were fine except scratches.  If anything had happened my buddies in Oral Surgery would’ve told me in the morning when I asked.  Lucky to put it mildly.

Now I’ve got no way of saying that there was drinking and driving involved, but considering that the fights happening after and the fact that they were trying to “Start” the car after, makes me think otherwise.

All I’m saying is be cautious.  If you’re drinking, please for the love of anything dear to you, don’t drive.  You endanger not only yourself (which I’ll assume doesn’t mean much if you’re doing it), but the lives of countless others, not to mention the property that you destroy.

DSC 9462 DXO

Our whole street was without power for the night as this I’ll presume took out the connecting wires.

Luck has a way of running out at the most precarious of times, make sure you prepare yourself beforehand.

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