Penn Masala: ‘Tum hi ho’ in my ‘Mad World’!

26th May, 2014.   12.45PM.  That was exactly the time when I saw the new ‘Tum hi ho- Mad world-Penn Masala’ music video. After an exhausting day at the clinics and a sleepy lesson on the orthopedics instruments & implants, this 4 min video was my ultimate relief. Yes, the release date of the video was 25th May but here, in India, the wait was a day longer. I guess it was truly worth the wait. 10334440_10152063551301524_1740785166664021623_n The two selected songs-

  • “Tum hi ho” originally sung by Arijit Singh and composed by Mithun is a track from Aashiqui 2.  This song stirred a revolution among the audience worldwide being in the Top 10 of Planet Bollywood for 8 weeks and first spot on Top 20 of MTV India for 7 weeks. It bagged the ‘Song of the year (2014)’ in Zee Cine Awards and also won Arijit Singh and Mithoon  their respective Filmfare Awards for ‘Best Playback Singer’ and ‘Best Music Director’. Well, the list is unending.
  • Mad World’ originally a song by the British band ‘Tears of Fears’ released in 1982 became their first international hit reaching #3 on UK Singles Chart and also reaching Top 40 in several countries. In 2001, this song made a popular comeback with its much slower and somber version composed by Gary Jules and Michael Andrews. This version again reached #1 in the UK in 2003 marking itself again as an international hit.

Having selected these two classics of all-time, expectations were sky-high for this upcoming single. My Top three favourite points about this single are as follows:

  • The Starting with a mystery when Akiff runs amok in an apartment shouting, ‘No, no wait’ and gradually fading away into a fainter, quieter version. No doubt that was enough to arouse the interest and keep all eyes glued to the happenings in there.
  • The amazing mesmerizing voices of all the members. Period. It’s hard to believe so much talent on one platform. My heart skipped a beat while listening to the starting stanza of ‘Tum hi ho’. The beautiful song that it is and to top it all, Prashant’s voice did total justice to the Arijit’s version of it. Following its first stanza, begins ‘Mad World’ sung by Akiff Premjee. This song in itself has such deep meaning that you can’t help but be drowned in its sorrow and despair version and his voice was entirely successful in this motive.
  • The heart-touching storyline behind the fusion. The combination of such powerful romantic song ‘Tum hi ho’ with the slower melancholic  ‘Mad World’ is flawless and the video brings it out so smoothly that the viewer is carried away in its emotional strive. How the starting mystery unfolds one by one and reveals the love-struck obsession part of one guy and the trivial, oblivious existence of the other is brought in an awe-inspiring way.
Watch the full video in the link given above.

The one itchy part about this single was the total obscurity about the mysterious theme that took several watch-overs to figure out exactly about the theme. In the first watch, you just can’t help but blend in with the magic of the vocals while the visuals fail to generate an impulse in your cerebral cortex. In the 2nd, 3rd and several other watch-overs, one begins to interpret the actual theme behind the merger of these two tracks. And then, all you end up saying is, “Woah, man, that was deep! Just Wow!”

In the end, well, I couldn’t accept that 4 minutes were over. I wanted ‘Tum hi ho’’s second stanza too, probably because I liked Prashant’s voice way too much in it.

Prashant Ramesh singing ‘Tum hi ho’. Watch the full video in the link given above.

Nonetheless, it’s a ‘MUST-WATCH’ for everyone out there. Not only are you guaranteed to love this song, but also get frantically obsessed with the entire ‘Penn Masala’ band. I guess this video is all set to be Youtube’s next ‘viral-video’. All the best Penn Masala on your new release and keep making more of such awesomeness. Signing off, all I would like to say is that ‘Penn Masala’ guys, do plan an India tour for all your Indian fans here.

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