Peace – A Poem by Nupur Lanjekar


The waves of the ocean echoed through the night as I lay alone in silence,
The full moon glittered but hid between those white clouds in shyness,
As I lay on the crystals of the beach sand counting a million stars,

My thoughts kept pulling me back into them like magnets as if there was no peace,
But as I see the moonlight sparkling on the waves
Along with the beautiful sound of silence,
Peace comes to me gradually as I lay there, and the moon hides between the white clouds in shyness.
As I keep lying on the soft sand alone I realize I can never be all on my own,

A series of thoughts keeps bothering my peace
The cool air keeps passing as I hug my jacket of fleece
As I lay alone in silence, the sun rays gradually hit my face, As I realize my peace was something I misplaced.

Nupur Lanjekar

About the Poet: Nupur Lanjekar is an 18-year-old who loves writing. She is from Pune. She is a 1st year BA media and communication student at Manipal Institute of Communication, Manipal. She tries to find the answer to a straightforward question, which is “what if, we all stopped living in what if’s?”. Follow her on Instagram @nupurr._


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