Our Battle – a Poem by Divya Mridhula

For years and years
We’ve fought for what is our right
And not a favour.

And we’re still fighting our way to the day,
Where we have equal pay and an equal say.

Where we don’t have to break a glass ceiling,
as these invisible boundaries will lose their meaning.

Where being delicate is not understood for being weak,
Because the same women have conquered the Everest peak.

Where beauty is looked for in our hearts,
And not forced to match the same old standard art.

When we make this day our reality,
That’s where lies humanity’s victory.

Divya MridhulaAbout the Poet: Divya Mridhula is a first-year BAMC student from Manipal Institute of communication. She is a proud feminist, a Potter head (p.s she’s a Gryffindor) who loves writing, music, and reading. She likes coffee, watching old school romantic comedies, playing the ukulele.

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