One Night @ Manipal Lake- Entry no 16( Paranormal Romance)

Rahul and Ria got out of Kiran’s car, it was a very special night for them. After 3 years of friendship, roaming and romance, Rahul finally needed three 60’sand Kiran’s coaxing to express his feelings to Ria even though he knew that she liked him. He owed this to Kiran, his best friend, the man who planned everything for him and the only one who knew that their love was mutual. He felt like giving a toast to the man, who was waiting for them back in the car allowing them to enjoy their special moment. He suddenly crashed back into reality when Ria hugged him. He was dazed and all he could see was moon’s reflection on Manipal lake. Ria lifted her head and stared into Rahul’s eyes, it was filled with love when she suddenly heard a faint weird murmur “You will always be mine”. She just turned and looked at Rahul who instinctively said, “I think Kiran is in trouble. This place is haunted come let’s go”.

Rahul knew Kiran always carried a knife, none could harm him but this place was haunted and a lonely guy on a full moon midnight was never safe, he grabbed Ria’s hand and rushed to Kiran’s Innova. He found Kiran’s AIR keychain on the steps. He picked it up and ran towards the car where he was shocked to see to see him sitting on the ground, with blood dripping from his palms. He screamed “Kiran!!” He didn’t respond. Ria shouted his name again when Rahul went and grabbed his shoulder and stood staring at the back seat in shock. Ria ran and stood in daze.

There,in the back seat was Ria, sleeping with her throat slit and Rahul was next to her with Kiran’s knife stabbed on his chest.


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