Onam Aashamshakal!

The Malayali students of Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) organized their annual Onam Celebrations at Kamath Circle on August 28.

It drew participation from students of various cultures and regions. “It makes me feel happy to see so many people of varied cultures assemble here to take part in these games; not only us Indians but even exchange students from Croatia are here to participate and watch the Onam festivities as well,” said Gokul Pradeep, a 3rd-year student from MIT and organizer of the event. “I feel very proud to have organized this event. We tried to make this place feel like mini Kerala to showcase our culture and tradition for all the people witnessing this festival”, he added.

With students draped in the traditional Malayali attire of Mundu and Mundu Neriyathu, this Onam celebration commenced with a procession, led by a fellow student clad in the outfit of the Onam God Mahabali, displaying the various dance forms of Kerala.

Tug of War, Arm Wrestling, and the Lemon Spoon race were a few games played at the event. “A different culture altogether when compared to North India, I never knew that a festival called Onam existed or even the fact that it would be celebrated here on campus with such grandeur,” said Anshul Mankani, a 1st-year student from MIT.

Several restaurants in Manipal, such as Zebra Spot and Kerala Hotel, served Onam Sadhya during lunch. “I absolutely love it here, I had something called the Onam Sadhya today, and it was the best food I’ve ever had, and what’s more, it was free. I can’t wait for the next festival,” said Ivan, an exchange student from Croatia.

The article is written by Sanjana Subbaiah | The Manipal Journal

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