OMG! I love those shoes.OUCH they bite!

We girls have a lot of responsibilities in our daily lives, and we  deal with them very calmly and patiently. Its only during those “bumper sales” where the ferocious spirit inside us comes alive! Yes, we love dressing up, having a huge collection of shoes and accessories. I don’t know about others but personally I love shopping for shoes. Sadly due to my flat feet, I am not very comfortable with high heels or even wedges. Nevertheless, I buy high heels once in a while just to feel good. I try doing the catwalk ,with my head held high, putting on that look as if I am disinterested in everything around me.the-stiletto-effect-black1

It does get me those second looks (hopefully admiring ones) from the passersby, but it comes at a price. Walking in heels, or sandals isn’t easy, not even for women with normal feet, the laces and mould of the shoes tightly bound to the feet cause a lot of compression on the toes, and friction between the soles of the foot and the shoe, giving us the “shoe bites”. Shoe bite is a common foot problem which arises due to new or ill-fitting shoes, which is more prevalent in women than men. aloe vera gelReason being women tend to go for appearance more than comfort while buying the shoes. It causes discomfort, and more so if you’re required to walk a lot or stand for a long time. It leaves behind ugly scars which ruins the beauty of the foot.

How To Cure Shoe Bites?

  • Avoid wearing the shoes which led to those shoes bites at the first place until they are completely healed. Wear light and airy footwear.
  • Apply antiseptic cream or lotion to the wound. But don’t cover it with a bandage. Dust some antiseptic powder upon the shoe bite 2-3 times a day.
  • If there is a burning sensation, put aloe vera gel. It will soothe the irritated area.haldi
  • Apply a paste of turmeric (and crushed neem leaves if you can get it) on the affected area. It will help accelerate the repair process and masks the scars of the shoe bite.
  • Rice flour paste can also be applied; clean it off once it dries. Provides instant relief.
  • Don’t soak or put your feet in water for a long time lest it leads to pus formation.

But I know, no matter how much we suffer we’re still going to buy shoes that are uncomfortable. So prevention of shoe bites is a more desirable option.

petroleum jelly

castor oil

To soften your shoes from inside, apply a little petroleum jelly on the inside of the new shoes before wearing them. Keep the jelly overnight and wipe off in the morning before wearing the shoes. If the shoe surface is really hard, you can use castor/coconut oil instead for 3 nights before wearing it.

So,what are you waiting for girl? Show’em how to party in those stilettos!

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