Old World Charm – A Poem by Ishika Mitra

Artwork by Sheama Susan Dominy (@chema_dominy)


Artwork by Sheama Susan Dominy (@chema_dominy)


Old World Charm


Not the charging point, but a window beside my bed,

Not WhatsApp birthday wishes, but cards handmade.

Neither the hourly text messages, nor an evening spent on the phone.

Give me letters written with love and share with me an ice cream cone.

Come let’s walk beside the lake and not engage in selfies.

Instead, watch the ripples on the water and carve our names on trees.

Bring me a little flower from your garden when you come,

It holds so much more love than Flipkart or Amazon.

Give me a surprise visit, and we’ll cook together.

No Zomato and Swiggy but a sprinkle of our love will taste better.

We’ll make a mixed tape filled with our favorite songs,

Let’s forget Spotify and with the cassette, we’ll sing along.

Let’s give Netflix a break one night,

And lie on our terrace to watch the stars shining bright.

Let’s leave our car behind and take a long walk one morning,

And sip on tea cups in roadside stalls while the early birds are chirping.

Let’s spend an evening beside a soft candle glow,

Talk through silence and take life a lil slow.

Come let’s immerse ourselves in the old world charm,

Live simply and happily and lead a life so warm…



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About the Poet –  Ishika Mitra is from Kolkata and is currently pursuing her Masters in Film Art and Film Making at Manipal Institute of Communication, Manipal. She writes under the pseudonym of Reva and has been writing poems since she was eight years old. Writing and Cinema are two of her passions.

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