The Shocking Truth of Obesity and our Children

Many of our children are ending up with obesity. Why? Too much junk food, not eating healthy, fizzy drinks, not enough exercise, and the list can go on and on and yet we still do the same thing every day. Go to the shop and buy more junk food, pies, chips, donuts, etc leading to obesity.

Is it because we feel that our child deserves something yummy like a donut or lollies, that we tend to go out and spend money on all this unnecessary food. Or is it because we feel sorry for them screaming and kicking in the shop or we want to buy it for the sake of keeping them quiet. There are so many things why we do the things we do. We want our children to be able to have the things that they wish to; some of us have the tendency to go a bit overboard; however by stocking up the cupboards with all sorts of things.

Eating Junk food is a major cause of lifestyle diseases| Photo by Carles Rabada

Simple things such as fruit can make a difference but what happens when children are so used to not eating a piece of fruit that all they want is pies, burgers, chips, all the things that we have gotten them used to having. How do you change your child’s habit when you realize that you have made your child obese, and the worse of all is your child is getting picked on at school all because they have been stereotyped as the fat child. Name-calling is the last thing your child would want to remember about going to school; it could also make them want to stay home and mope around eventually, and take their sadness out on eating. Lack of exercising can also be a part of this dilemma such as video games, and yes the sun is shining, but your child would prefer to stay indoors rather than go outside and play with his friends.

Who do you blame for your child’s Obesity?

Is it your child’s fault that he would rather sit in front of a screen and play games all day? There are so many conclusions or assumptions that we can make, but in the long run, parents are to blame. We either spoil our kids to the stage that want they want we get, or the money we give them is used to go towards their unhealthy eating habits, or we plain and simple provide them with all the necessary ingredients to make them obese, lazy and unfit. But don’t despair as there is help available to change the way your child eats, and to help parents who cannot resist buying things for their child. There are a lot of good books that you can find in your local library or online that can help you help your child. Don’t wait for your child to become sick through obesity as it is not something that you can change overnight.

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