No No’s on the First Day of College As a Freshmen

DO NOT carry a visible map of the school.

Hide it in a book or draw it on your hand.  A map screams freshman.  Not that being a freshmen is bad, but …you want to make a good impression.  Besides if your nose is in a map, it means you can’t see all the beautiful people

If you have too many books carry a backpack.

There is nothing worse then carrying a ton of books and dropping them all in front of the opposite sex.  They start laughing…loser.

Dress appropriately.

There is nothing worse then a person who tries to hard on the first day of school.  First off, it’s not high school, no one cares anymore.  Second, when everyone else is dressed comfortably and you are not, you stick out like a sore thumb.


There is nothing worse then getting run over by the track team on their daily run.

 If you get lost, ask a Professor for directions.

If you ask another student they may tell you your class is on the fifth floor of the PCD building next to the pool.  Only to find out hours later there is no PCD building, no fifth floor, and the pool is on a different campus.

When your name is called is role, a simple “here” is fine. 

“Yo!” and “Word?” are just not acceptable.


You are now on your way to great things.  Show off those pearly whites.

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