Newspaper vs Technology

As we progress into the future, technology has started to replace almost everything ! The tasks which required a lot of time and effort, have now been merely reduced to a game of fingertips. Such has been the impact of technology in the 21st century, as it tries to make every traditional method obsolete and redundant. Newspapers are one such targets.

Nowadays, the mode of news and media communication has changed completely. Smartphones, televisions, radios, etc. Have now become a major source of news communication, and this has given a reality check to the newspaper giants about the existence of newspapers in today’s world. Hence, in order to adapt to the changing times, these newspaper companies have come up with their own mobile applications and channels. These applications are pretty zippy and provide lightning fast information in real time. Moreover, these applications are constantly updated by a dedicated team to keep the feed flooded with exciting content in every few hours. This has been a huge plus for the applications to overtake the newspaper industries in terms of updation of fresh content at regular intervals of time. Secondly, these applications and channels don’t occupy much space and are absolutely free! In today’s world, almost everyone has a smartphone, and a stable internet connection goes hand in hand. So downloading a free application which occupies only a few megabytes of your storage is not much of a tussle. Thirdly, newspapers require a lot of paper. Although they use quality recycled material in their production, a lot of trees are still chopped off and a lot of pollution is promoted.

Even after facing so many odds, the existence of newspapers in today’s world shows that people still prefer the joy of reading news, holding the paper physically in their hands and enjoying every bit of it, because everyone loves to gather information from a radiation free source, independent of an internet connection, and most importantly, cherish the feel of it.

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