New Life to Old Things

Many people take it upon themselves to dispose of their old things. People tend to throw away old lamp shades, curtains, dishes or anything old for that matter but what they don’t realize is that their old pieces might be useful to new projects. You would be surprised at just how many things you can do with your old stuff.

Give Second Life to Old Things

Lamp Shades- Turn that lamp shade upside down and put a very small trash bag in it and use it for a garbage bin!

Curtains- Use the old curtains to make table runners, pillow covers, make shopping bags or purses from the material. There are so many things that you could make from old curtains, if you just put your imagination to good use!

Dishes- Find a safe place to break the dishes into small but yet medium pieces and mix and match the different colors and designs, put them into wet concrete in aluminum pan and let your creative mind design a beautiful piece of art.

Tennis Shoes- Take your old warn out shoes and make them into small flower pots. Carefully punch holes in the bottom of the shoes from the inside out and line them with some hole punched tin foil. Add dirt, flower seeds or small plant and water. Watch them grow. Colorful shoes are the cutest!

Remember to Have Fun

What you might think is old junk lying around that needs to be trashed, could really be used for something new and exciting. You just need to find the creative side in you and work toward turning your old things into new things! Have fun with it and get as crazy as you want to with your ideas. What someone else might think sounds crazy or looks crazy, to you it may be a piece of art!

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