Netflix and Chill

As artists, we all have the capability to pretend. At least after midnight we all think we are artists , so for anyone reading before midnight , please don’t. Where was I? Oh yeah! Let’s just pretend that Netflix and Chill literally mean watching Netflix and chilling. It means sitting with a huge glass of “Coca Cola” and some popcorn , watching your favorite show, having a good time, no pun intended. That’s what we do here in Manipal , we are all “paavam” , to us Netflix and chill means Netflix and chill. 

Now, what does Netflix and chill mean to us today? Here is the thing, some of us live in virtual reality. We find peace and happiness, inspiration and anger, tears and screaming, we find all kind of emotions on our fingertips. We find love, hate and sympathy in scars that are same as ours. We don’t feel things because of our immediate surrounding , we feel things because of what we see on the screen. We escape reality and find our dream castle in the form of pixels and background music. Like I said, we are all masters at pretending. Other benefits might include, an excellent waste of time. Best way to blow your cash and if you love a good guilt trip then you are in luck. 

I think it’s about time we knock the doors of reality. We solve the mysteries of our own life, go on trips off screen, fight, makeup , and if not rom-com, lets just find some comedy, some fun , some energy. Let’s fall in love with ourselves , the people around us and our environment. Let’s save our planet instead of watching some imaginary guy saving it, there are no superheroes, we have to be our own hero. Let’s fix our dysfunctional families, live with them , cherish them. Let’s find friends in real life. Let’s live. 

And as far as the other meaning of Netflix and chill goes, I mean, c’mon! Its college. Its Manipal! Who are we kidding?! You all know what that means.


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