Nest The Goodness!

Good things

The world has always talked about letting go of bad moments, toxic relationships, people who deceived, broke trust, never loved back but you know what? let going of negative things and toxic people is way too easier. Must be wondering how? Trust me you will have to just make up your mind and be kind to yourself and console you deserve better! Rest your mind and soul will help you in the process.

The most difficult part is to hold on to the goodness we have in our lives. It is much more critical for the current generation as we are locked up ourselves with work, social life and Internet. Don’t you think we are forgetting things that really matter? And on top of the list come parents. The most taken granted souls. We are so busy growing up that we often forget that they are growing old too. I sometimes wonder somewhere we have this thought process that parents are the ones who are obliged to love us? Whereas from rest of the world we put a constant effort to earn it! Isn’t it?

Embrace the good friends you have, they become your extended family with the stages of your life. If you have a bunch of friends who can bring best in you without judging you never let them go. Those crazy talks, sleepless nights, silly fights, hugs, cries, celebrations can never be replaced. So nurture them well.

Small things always have a big impact on life. Never miss on people who put effort to keep you smile, takes care of your minute details, be with you in your toughest battle, never leave you no matter how weird you go, accept your worst fears, correct your mistakes, loves you exactly the way you are, bring the best in you. Try not to loose or give up on these people as for the good things and people to stay with us the conscious effort of goodness is required. I remember one of my fav quote to end with: “All good things require an effort. That which is worth having will cost part of your physical being, your intellectual power and your soul power.

So give it a thought are you being the nest for the goodness you have?

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