My mess of an interview

Interview Tips
First impression isn’t necessarily the last impression always but it facilitates the interviewer note some quick points about you.

Today was the interview I had anticipated the most. Ever since the time I saw the notice inviting applicants, I was beside myself with excitement. Notwithstanding the deadline I promptly applied.30 nostalgic photos of manipal 1997 to 2001

The very next thing I did was entreat my parents to send me photocopies of numerous certificates I acquired during my tenure in school. On the best days, my parents are no tech giants and this wasn’t any different. After a lot of struggling with a roadside fax machine, they finally hit upon the idea of scanning the whole lot and mailing me the same. I was to then take printouts of the soft copy.

The obstacles that this simple  task presented should have given me an idea of what was to come.

I was made to wait almost an hour for 18 pages. First the shopkeeper was too busy, this being exam time and all. Then the printer started acting up. All in all it was a delay of huge proportions considering that I should have been locked up in my room, studying furiously.

Then the day finally deigned to arrive. And… they postponed it. I was faced with similar postponement for a total of about 5 times. Each time would I prepare myself to the hilt and every time was I doomed to disappointment. At least, I contended, there wasn’t much competition.

Only two people had applied for the same post and I had the edge in my certificates. Moreover I had the satisfaction in the knowledge that at least one of the teachers in the panel knew me and was fond of me. And another again was reputed to be a very good authority on the subject.

After 5 such disappointments I was  finally given the date which I hoped would be the one. Well, it would be fair to say that everything that could go wrong did go wrong . The teachers I had pinned my hopes on did not make an appearance. Another interview, though less important, coincided with this one. The speech I had so meticulously prepared fell flat on the jury’s ears and all they heard was how self important and full of myself I was. I didn’t even dare to bring up the matter of my certificates for fear of being further ridiculed. Two of the panel members openly smirked at me and had, I guess, made up their minds, the moment I opened my mouth, that I was a thoroughly conceited individual. And to cap it all, in my panic and distress, I gave a totally erroneous answer to a question I didn’t know and stuck by it when proved wrong.

As is common with me, I burst into tears the moment I came out and continued the tirade back to my room. After about half an hour shedding useless tears I composed myself enough to sit down to write this.

Well on the brighter side, here I am with loads of time to while away or gorge on delightful books and watch scores of movies. Guess that wouldn’t have been possible had I joined this, right? Silver lining or sour grapes, I decide to make the most of my precious time.


  1. Happens to the best of us… Murphy makes a mockery of even the best laid plans… 😛

    Better luck next time… 🙂

  2. Hello Adyasha! I too was one of the ‘screwers’ at that time (you know it). I totally understand! And I’m looking at the brighter side too. 🙂

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