My First Love Story – Ram and Sita

love story
So what about a love story, my editor in 12th grade sez to me. You always write stories where people get killed In the end, how about writing a story where everyone lives happily ever after . . . (I was known at that time to be a weird individual who loved to read tragedies and write even more weirder stuff of unfortunate endings).
How Indeed. Well, first of all, things In real life don’t often work out that way. Secondly, maybe some psychiatrist can find some deep seated Fruedian reason for my constantly pecking out tales in which I manage to kill off my characters. Of course, economy wouldn’t occur to anyone — being simpler to kill someone than to go to the bother of creating a scene where everyone can live together happily ever after.

Check out the box offlce sales of the movie “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” if you don’t agree. People enjoy jerking tears. Another example is that classic epic tale “Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien. Even If he doesn’t come right out and kill off the hobblts and the elves in the end, he manages to sweep them away — off to never-never land, leaving only poor old Sam Gamgee to sigh to his wife, “Well, I am home.” 
What a down-beat ending that is!!!

This is all beside the point, however, I am supposed to be writing a love story that ends happily ever after. O.K., here goes . . . (That actually was my thought process before writing the following story for the college mag )
This story is about Ram, who has just met Sita and is utterly entranced about her, as she is with him. The scene opens thusly . . .
“Oh Sita,” he murmurs.
“Oh Ram,” she murmurs back.
“Oh  Sita,  Sita,” he says.
“Ram, Ram, Ram,” she replies.
” Sita,  Sita,  Sita,  Sita.”
“Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram.”
” Sita,  Sita,  Sita,  Sita,  Sita,  Sita.”
“Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram.”
They kiss, embrace, and walk down the yellow brick road, hand in hand. They live happily ever after. 
The next day, Ram gets run over by a Manipal bound bus . . . (sorry ’bout that!!!).


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