My Favourite La Redoute Shirts for This Season – Smart and Casual


I have probably already mentioned my all-time favourite La Redoute shirts – the red check lumberjack effort they have brought back for another year in the limelight. There’s something about a lumberjack shirt that ticks all the boxes. Not only does it make you look like Uncle Pete out of Twin Peaks, it also keeps you warm and can be doubled as a jacket in the autumn – before becoming a proper dedicated shirt during the winter.

Other shirts, of course, are available. And some of those are worthy of a mention as well.

There’s one, which La Redoute describe as a “Fancy Striped fitted shirt” – in reality it’s a 90s throwback that puts serious style points together for the man with the right body. It’s a kind of Vanilla Ice meets Miami Vice combination – a logo on the chest, a two-tone blue colour on the inside of the cuffs, so when you roll them back they flash out at you. And a black collar to set it off. Think really posh baseball shirt and you’re in the right – no pun intended – ball park.La Redoute Shirts

La Redoute shirts make a lot of the two-tone cuff this year – with black cuffs and collars featuring heavily throughout the range. The effect is very Elvis – so if you’re a rocker or a rockabilly rebel then these are the items for you. Bold checks and black cuffs go well with skinny jeans for a retro 50s look that just cries out for tattoos and a motorbike.

La Redoute have also introduced what they call the “extra slim fit” shirt – another rockabilly style that calls for a particular physique. As the name suggests, you really need to have a boy band figure for this one. If you’ve got that 30-32 inch waist, then the smart black-pointed white-collar and triple button clusters will make you look like a modern-day Tom Waits – ideal with slim fit jeans and cowboy boots or pointed shoes.

Casual shirts are cool with designs on them this year. Either Western style designs on the chest panels, some nice check or blue denim with floral patterns for instance; or bold tattoo style designs across the upper back.

All La Redoute shirts of this ilk owe something in their genealogy to the country n western singer, or the rodeo rider – the outfits of both groups have been heavily mined for style points by the design team at the major fashion label. That’s a theme that also runs through some of the jeans and belts designed by La Redoute – this kind of modern, urban cowboy look familiar to anyone who’s been watching Breaking Bad over the last few years.

In general terms, think the 1950s, the original rock n roll rebellion, and the great untamed West. That’s where most casual La Redoute shirts get their touchstone looks from. And if collars are not your thing don’t worry – there are plenty without for the man who likes to leave his neck free and easy.
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