MU faculty start their own Facebook Confessions Page

Smitten by the latest fad of confessing anonymously on Facebook, MU faculty have apparently come up with a Facebook page named ‘MU Faculty Confessions’ yesterday.

The description of the page reads:Dear fellow faculties,let us join this bandwagon of confessions…If you have any funny/silly/awkward experiences with students/colleagues/MU administration to tell,send it to us and we’ll post it here.Keep it real and refrain from slander.No names will be published…And Dear Students,no pranks on us,please.

Within hours of creating the page, it has become a craze among faculty. We put some of the interesting confessions below:

“This compulsory hostel and mess rule for MIT students is ridiculous.I earn decent income in the form of rent from my two flats in Manipal.If this rule is implemented, chances of me losing that extra income are high.Also,one of my colleagues owns a bar & restaurant. He too says he will lose income if the rule is enforced upon MIT students. #MIT

“I pretended as if I was furious with students when they ‘protested’. Secretly,I was supporting their cause. haha #MIT

“This student of mine acts over smart in the class and many times tried a make a fool of me.In the last semester, he fell short by 1% of minimum attendance criterion. I made him write the previous question papers of last five years. He was humbled badly… lol #MIT

“I am tired of running errands for this PhD guide of mine. I want to finish this doctorate thing as soon as possible. #MCOPS”

“Someone posted about running errands for their PhD guide… My sympathies,bro… Contrary to your guide,my guide is really chilled out and we share a drink every weekend. #MIT

“I have seen him in the faculty sports meet. I had an immediate crush on him. Later learnt that he is in KMC as well and unmarried. I am looking for a chance to talk to him. #KMC

P.S: All the facts in this article are made up! But you already knew that didn’t you?

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