Most Common Reasons That Cause Female Hair Fall

Hair loss in females is seen due to a lot of causes including hormonal issues and imbalance, stress and strain, usage of wrong hair products, excess use of chemicals on their scalp and the list goes on.

Even though losing up to 80 strands of hair per day is considered normal, when it exceeds the limit, it has to be taken proper care of. Hair loss in females can be of two types. First one is genetic, which means that the person may tend to have been genetically exposed to hair thinning or balding. You can find more information on this website.

The other type is reactive, which means that the hair fall could be a reaction to any of the above-mentioned issues happening internally or externally the body. The body needs an adequate supply of iron to keep the hair healthy, without which the hair may suffer.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding too can add to the problem of excessive hair loss. Hair loss becomes a bigger problem in females when the hair doesn’t grow back, which may lead to excessive thinning of hair and balding.


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