Get More Instagram Followers Quickly (without paying) – 3 tips

Your business page has a fair number of Instagram followers, but you want more (preferably as soon as possible)! You only want to do this organically and not pay for it. Because what’s the point of having a lot of followers if they don’t respond to your posts? In this article, you will learn 3 basic strategies to quickly get more free Instagram followers (with bonus tips!).

If you respect our suggestions, you can also get more free Instagram likes.

If they don’t come to you, go to them!

Wouldn’t it be great if Instagram users would follow you right away if you just post a nice photo of yourself or your brand? Although this is what happens with big brands and influencers, this is not really a realistic strategy if you have yet to grow. So what can you do to get more followers quickly? So be proactive!

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You can start by checking out your competitors and finding their followers. Then start following those people and they might follow you back.

If this doesn’t seem like a good option to you, you can just do what Neil Patel does: like their photos. According to him, every 100 random photo likes (with people he doesn’t already follow) generate 6.1 more followers on his Instagram.

Or do you want to do something unexpected? Comment and like on your competitors’ posts (with your private account). maybe their followers will follow you if you can add some humor or give interesting tips.

Make yourself easier to find with #hashtags

Hashtags are very important for your content to be viewed a lot online. If you don’t know what hashtags are, they are used to categorize topics.

When you post a photo, you can add text to it. You can use keywords together with the “#”, this ensures that people see your photos when they search for that word. Instagram lets you use up to 30 hashtags per post; that gives you a lot of options to be discovered.use hashtags to get more instagram followers

Think about hashtags in the same way as keywords with Google. Just like with search engines, there are two basic techniques for the keywords.

# 1 – Use popular tags

The first technique is to use the most popular tags (e.g. #love #instagood #photooftheday).

With the use of popular tags, you can reach a lot of people and you are more likely to get more followers. But this tactic only works if you don’t care what your target audience is. The competition is also high with the most popular hashtags, so it is not obvious that you stand out among them.

# 2 – Use niche tags

The second strategy when using hashtags is to find more niche keywords or phrases that are less popular, but popular with a specific target audience.

There may be fewer people searching for such hashtags, but the people looking for them are probably part of your immediate target audience.

So in this tactic quality comes before quantity. Remember, it’s generally better to have 10,000 relevant followers than a million irrelevant. Clearly define your goals and strategies.

Something to keep in mind is that you want to be careful about using too many hashtags. It looks “spammy” if you add 30 hashtags to a photo. You can avoid this by adding hashtags as a comment to the photo, instead of directly as a description.instagram followers niche hashtags

Interact with your followers

Posting regularly is one thing, but if you really want to build a relationship with your followers, you need to interact.

If you are looking for new followers on other people’s accounts, you might like their photos. However, a better idea is to post a sincere comment below the photo. You can also directly request a response from someone by “tagging” them in your message, that way you can start a conversation.instagram followers interaction

This is actually the same for your own posts. If people take the time to leave a comment, make the effort to respond. You may not be able to respond to every response (and this can also come across as desperate), but then seek out the most interesting responses that you think will spark conversation.

What you can also do is encourage your followers to take action. Instagram is not much different from other forms of online marketing. You want to inspire your followers to take action, so include a call-to-action (CTA) in your post. It doesn’t have to be “buy now!” But a simple “leave a comment” can work really well.

What’s even better than asking for comment is to inspire your followers to leave a comment on their own. For example, use an inspiring quote. However, you need some creativity for this. Are you as good with words as you are with the camera?

If you are not really a poet, you could also ask your followers a question. People love to give their opinion.interact with instagram followers

It’s all about timing. According to research by Neil Patel, the best time to post photos on Instagram is Monday at 5:00 PM. Maybe people are more likely to respond on the first day of the workweek. After this, Wednesday or Thursday at 3:00 PM is the best day to post.

It is, of course, good to test this for yourself. Each target group behaves differently, so for you, the days and times may be different. What is true for most is that another point from the survey shows that a photo is most active in the first 3 hours after it is posted.

What do I mean by active? 46.15% of all responses are given in the first hour after the photo is posted. And 69.23% of the total responses are given within the first 3 hours. So if you like to interact, you should definitely research when is the best time for you.

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