Monday Blues

the story of every monday...

With multiple alarms blaring through our ears begins our Monday. With some of us hungover, some of us sober yet ending up late on Sunday nights and promising not to do the same thing again begins our weekly cycle. Giving up on the longing to sleep for five more minutes we finally get up, bidding a goodbye to our sweet pillow. Rushing towards the mess, disappointment hits again with the same pale Sambhar and Idli. But without any complaints and time, we rush through and gulp it down real quick. Then starts the ultimate run for the 8 am class ,which can’t be missed any more considering there is already an attendance shortage. Finally entering the class before our professor seems overwhelming. Then begins the actual torture. With the eye lids shutting down and the professor saying words which have got absolutely no meaning to me and with immense will power we survive the first hour. In an almost synonymous way the rest of the classes pass by,but not without memes, lame gossiping and laughing off at random things . With a tint of victory the last class finally gets over. But what about the assignment staring at our faces? Well it is the last day for submission. With extreme displeasure and a cup of tea at the mess, struggling , begins the later half of the day. But not willing to give up, that part also gets over .Finally laying on the bed with our favourite tv series we call the day off and setting multiple alarms yet again , it’s an ultimate wrap up for the Monday blues.

By- Bisruta

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