MIT student suspended for wearing Papa CJ T-shirt

In a shocking incident, a student of MIT was suspended today for wearing a T-shirt with obscene quote. The quote, attributed to a stand-up comedian called Papa CJ,read: “I come from the land of Kamasutra.I can fuck you in more ways than you can count.”

This quote led to the suspension of Raj Arora an MIT Student. Source: dpv888 on Twitter

The student,Raj Arora (NAME CHANGED) from Mechanical Engineering branch, was caught by the director when he was passing by the latter’s office. Immediately,the director issued suspension orders pending investigation.

On Sunday,Papa CJ performed in KMC Greens in front of huge audience and created a laugh riot. At the end of the show, his message to the students was to be proud of India and asked them to cite the above said ‘quote’ when someone demeans India.

Faking Manipal section reporter of ManipalBlog spoke to Raj Arora after his suspension. Regretting his mistake he said, “In the show, TAPMI Director and faculty members were cool about adult jokes. I thought the same about our college as well, but I was mistaken. Damn!! I shouldn’t have worn that Tee.”

The students of MIT expressed shock over the suspension. One of them,Chaudhry Singh Prasad (NAME CHANGED), who’s organising an event in Revels 2012 (MIT cultural fest) said, “After the success of Papa CJ show in Atharva, we thought of including a similar event in Revels as well. But now we have second thoughts about it. As a matter of fact, our management imposed restrictions on dress as well for the Fashion Show event.”

P.S: All the facts in this article are made up! But you already knew that, didn’t you?  


  1. The idea of inviting an English Comedian (he is an Indian, who did his MBA at Oxford, London), was to entertain the student community of Manipal. It was organised at the end of the three day intellectual set of events at Atharva-2013 like QOTB, YBL, Polemic, and also showcasing talents like dancing by students of MIT and others. The show began with a different event called Sand Story a rare gifted talent displayed by Mr Prashant Kaushik from Kolkata, but the CJ show was shocking. ‘F’ language was used throughout to enthral the young population with more of vulgar and sex and less of English Comedy. People say, Stand Up Comedy is like that only. No wonder, we are reading about Gang Rapes and murders all over India every day even after mass protests at Jantar Mantar only last month. I do not know whom to blame!

    • The Khap Panchayats in the North were clearly wrong about the fact that chowmein causes rape. As seen from the comment of the learned Prof CP, it seems English language stand-up comedy is the cause of gang rapes and murders all over India. If only the Khaps had the benefit of such learned thought and logical judgment then instead of banning chowmein they could just have banned English language stand-up comedy and reduced the crime rate. ??

      Here is what the students thought:

      And according to an email from the organiser (Thanu) received today, here is what the management thought:
      “We just got the feedback from our management. They simply loved your show and they mentioned that we have set standards high for “Atharva”.”

      It would be great if people would not crack jokes around Prof CP in the interest of the safety of the people around him (lest he be tempted to murder or rape someone on account of hearing the wrong kind of joke). And in case he didn’t get it, if someone could explain to him that the first paragraph of this response was intended to be sarcastic that would be much appreciated.

      Comedian and instigator of crime in chief

      Papa CJ

  2. So what if he spoke about sex? Whats wrong with it? We’re the second largest population in the world..Actions speak louder than words..

  3. This blog is a hoax….Whatever said above is purely fictional and has no relationship with reality whatsoever…..

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