MIT Student builds fully functional flight simulator in 17th Block hostel room

An MIT, Manipal B. Tech student from the department of Aeronautical engineering, has built a fully functional flight simulator in his hostel room.

Dishant Nain, a final year student, from Lucknow, is an aeroplane enthusiast and worked on the project with his best friend. He spent thousands of rupees collecting the necessary parts from various sources, including rummaging through junk. Dishant spent his entire summer holidays inside his hostel room in the 17th Block to build the flight simulator.

flight simulator Manipal

The replica simulator is so realistic that the Institute of Aircraft Maintenance at Mangalore Airport invited Dishant, 21, to give a special lecture on his achievement. He explained that he is able to fly his ‘plane’ just like a real-life pilot.

The simulator has since attracted interest from a variety of major aircraft manufacturers and Gaming developers who want to use it to play out different scenarios.

It is not known what Dishant’s roommate, a student of Printing technology thinks about the huge apparatus now occupying most of the room, but we have learnt that he is now forced to sleep in a small corner of the room.

P.S.: All facts mentioned in this article are Fiction.
But we guess, you already knew that, didn't you?


  1. The point of Faking News is not to create an article about anything, but to show satire on a prevalent issue.
    What’s the point of this article? There’s no sarcasm, just made up facts that some people will take at face value. Kindly think about it.

    • The point is that for all the talk about entrepreneurship promotion that MIT does, there is hardly any innovative product coming out!

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