A Minute at The Mall by Kabir Jain

I went to a mall coz had to catch a bus
I reached too early thought there would be a rush
Cool air is better than the sun’s glare
So went inside the mall oh what a nightmare!
Blame it on Sunday the people are free
Each one of them on a shopping spree
So alone I sat with a sigh of glee
Looking around the seat there was so much to see
People eating in joints, escalators asking where you want to be
A man proposing to his girl on his knees
and reading those quotes on the colorful tees
getting out of the blues with these myriad hues
awaits also the roof with its splendid views
the Chinese balls with their wonderful lights
the kites and cartoons above look great at night
and the big screens attracts everyone’s sight
the hangings above full of artistic things
calling the passers-by to fly high with their wings
then their are surprises like an unexpected kink
a flash mob here and there to make the crowd think
and just when the idea begins to sink
they vanish in thin air with a snap of blink
its nothing but a charming chaos for the day
sans the commotion, that isn’t the mall’s style and way!!
Kabir Jain
About the Poet: Kabir Jain is currently pursuing a 5 year Integrated Programme in Management from IIM, Indore. He’s 18 years old and penning down thoughts is a medium of venting out his emotions and a way of perceiving the happenings around the world.

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