Mind Your Own Damn Business

Almost every single person, if not all, can relate to this sentence having used it in at least one occasion during their life. The term ‘minding your own business’ has become a universal sentence used against a number of people who find it hard to concentrate and focus on their own lives and instead indulge and involve themselves, either actively or passively in the lives (business) of other people around them.

We all know at least one person of such nature and in a university setting, they tend to exist in masses; where entire groups of friends may evolve into the typical ‘witches’ of the society; often known by other rhyming words too.


The basis and root cause may circulate around an inferiority complex requiring the person to gossip and talk about the happenings in others lives in order to pacify and ease oneself.
It may also involve a superiority complex where one considers themselves to be above others and spares no thought to proving so by means of speech or other ways.
Others however, and in fact the majority fall under the expert title of Joblessness; a term inscribed in my head since my arrival in India based on how commonly it is used. These groups of people lack interest in their own lives due to monotony or frustration or simply because it may reflect their upbringing of such sorts; and rather indulge in discussing about issues related to others.
And then of course there’s the jealous ones, who can’t bear to see others bask in happiness, glory or joy if their lives do not live up to these standards and hence resort to tarnishing reputations and getting involved.

Of course, I must admit, everyone likes digging up or listening in on some dirt about someone, especially someone they dislike; and there may exist a few who may get involved for helpful and beneficial purposes. But most of these people talk about everything; from  the on goings in the hostels, to issues regarding couples and right down to who made out with whom; making one ponder on the maturity and thought process of such people.

The fundamental principle remains the same and that is to live and let live. Prioritizing and getting involved in bettering ourselves and spending our free time on academics, sport, productive hobbies and on people who are close to us and who matter is the basis in order not to fall prey to this fast expanding network, especially in KMC.


As for those who are spoken about or who are usually the targets for scrutiny and in whose ‘business’ everyone wants to get involved; one must remember that as long as what we do is right by our standards and we fulfill the required norms of family and society; those who talk don’t matter; and those who matter won’t talk.

And even if norms are not  fulfilled and some people have gone haywire in action or speech or in any way, the bottom line is it’s still every person leading their own life and therefore very important to remember to mind your own damn business!

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