Its almost 12 and you have brushed your teeth but our stomach demands its one last wish for the day – maybe a cookie or a slice of apple ,actually anything edible would do.
Tip toeing to the kitchen in the fear of waking your parents up one finds the simple pleasure of life in just opening the fridge to see the empty and boring shelves.Midnight Snacks
When people say that you can eat anything when you are hungry, trust me the time on your watch is 12.

Hostel is a classic example one can put for midnight cravings when “mummy food” comes to rescue not only for yourself but for all the people neighboring your room, and how “Maggie parties” just make your day.

Cheese sticks, salty crackers, chocolates, peanut butter and jam sandwiches, cakes and of course the leftover dinner serves the purpose right.

Chocolate MonsterHunger pangs will be followed by what I call “food hangover” in the morning when your consciousness will come into play and you will promise yourself not to ever indulge in unnecessary calorie intake. It’s the time when all your diet plans for freshers or an upcoming wedding fall and crash! It’s recent that the concept of this “4th meal of the day “has come into existence and has become an important part of our lives. It’s funny that it’s the time when “healthy and boring” food can’t satisfy your craving, only a dead “ fat or carbohydrate” corpse can do the needful.
Yes! I agree that you tend to gain weight if you are a regular “muncher “but that blissful feeling of satisfying your stomach at night cannot be compared with anything.
And when you go back to your bed knowing that your tummy is full is what I call “sweet dreams”.

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