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Message in a dream - sujit horakeri 1Theme: The first day of college, a love note, and I suddenly saw a light at a distance…

16th of August 2009, it was the first day of my life as an engineering student. The beginning of a new journey, the beginning of a road to quench a dream which is beyond life. I left for college at 0740 and reached their by 0805, I was late by 5 minutes, yeah. But, seldom you see people shout you on your first mistakes, that is simply because, We all are humans, err. I mean that is what they believe, and to my fortune it was not one of those seldom days.
I entered the class and sat on the 3rd desk in the 3rd row from the left hand side. The staff came to me and handed me a form which was titled, ‘Registration Form‘ and asked me to fill it and return it back to him. I was about to fill in the blanks of that form,
“Karan, hey to your right side, turn to your right.” spluttered a girl.
I turned to my right and I was surprised to see Kavana, who was a classmate of mine during my 12th. And how glad was I to see her?  Man! It felt so good to come across someone you know and I was desperate to have someone as a friend in a mission which I was in and in a place which was completely alien.
“Hey, you here as well?!” I exclaimed.
“Yeah. And you know what? That was a very stupid question.” Kavana mocked.
“Well, yeah I know it was but..”
“Oh ya ya, fill in the form or else we will be caught talking the first day of the college.” said grinning Kavana interrupting me.
I smiled back and turned my attention towards filling in the registration form.
The registration session was over, “Physics lab demo will be held in the Physics lab at 10am. Attendance is compulsory so don’t bother thinking about missing it.” announced the staff.
I moved out of the class and stood nearby waiting for Kavana to come out. She came out after 5 minutes with a group of blathering girls, giggling and enjoying their first day in the college unlike me. Kavana saw me standing their waiting for her or rather I presume that she thought I was waiting for her. I don’t quite know what she told them before moving towards me which made them animated and they started to whoop.
“You knew them earlier or..”
“Nah, I didn’t” answered Kavana before I could complete the question.
“Hmmm, you have some talent of making new friends girl. Great!”
“Well, that’s why you are a friend of mine” she taunted.
“What does that mean?”
“Do you know any other girl as well as you know me?” she asked with a smile.
Well, I kind of understood what that meant,
“Yeah I do.” I replied with a grin.
“Oh yeah? I just can’t stop laughing, you know?” guffawed Kavana.
“Stop it now.”
“Alright. Alright. Then, where’s she? I guess she too has taken admission here itself and thank your fortune, it’s the same stream.”
I acted as if I was quizzed of whom she was talking about, “Who? Who are you referring to?” I asked.
“Kriti man. The girl who had crushed you” replied Kavana winking her left eye.
“That’s the reason why I’m here” I murmured.
“I wasn’t aware of that I said.”
“Aren’t you happy that she too will be here?”
“Well to be honest, I am. I am happy. But not for the reason which you are thinking, might be the reason for my joyousness.”
All I could see on Kavana’s face was a ‘What the hell!’ expression, when she heard my response.
“Was just kidding girl. So, it’s time to break the fast with some breakfast. Will you join me or you would like to go with your friends?” I asked trying to shift that focus of hers from that topic.
“Hmmm, I guess I would like to save my pocket money, so that I could spend them on some other thing, and accompany you.” replied Kavana winking her eyes with a grin on her face.
I started laughing listening to this, “You have some sense of humour girl, you really do.” I said.
“Ya. Ya. Now stop laughing. Let’s go.” annoyed Kavana said as we moved to the canteen to have the breakfast.
The classes for that day were over by 1530 hours, and everybody moved back to their stay places only to come back again the next morning, which was somewhat refreshing, not because of the weather, but because Kriti who had not attended the first days class did arrive to college the next day. I was as happy as a sandboy when I saw her charming face, with not so chubby cheeks but a dimpled chin, rosy lips and teeth within. Yes, the hairs were curly, yes she was fair but the eyes were brown and not blue. She was the most beautiful women I had ever seen. She was heavenly cute. It was 0807 hours when she stood near the classroom entrance to ask permission to enter the class, “Present sir.” I responded when my roll number was called on for attendance, which made Kriti to turn her attention towards me. The way she looked at me, ah! My oh my, it reminded of that day when I was in her position and she was in mine during our 12th seeing which I fell in love with her. Those days, phew! I still remember the day 14th of February 2009, when I had written that love note,
“Dear love,
I don’t quite know if you even know my name, but I’m quite sure that you have seen me around. Catching your eye is a thing which I’m not sure if I have managed to do or no, but all I can say is I’m truly, madly and deeply in love with you. I’m not a writer to express my love in a decorative manner, neither am I a singer to express my love by
singing a song for you but all I can say is I’m truly, madly and deeply in love with you. I will be good even if you don’t have the same feeling for me, I will be good even if you don’t love me back, I will be good even if you don’t want me in your life. All, I can say is I’m truly, madly and deeply in love with you regardless of your feelings for me.
Forever yours,

on my mind, but it went unwritten on that piece of paper. But, I have been provided a chance to get her forever and ever.
“I love her more than anything else and I want to get her no matter what.” I yelled at him.
“Calm down son, calm down.”
“I don’t know what you will do, but I want her, that’s it.”
“What if she doesn’t love you?” He asked politely.
“I know she loves me too, it’s just that she’s afraid to reveal it.”
“How can you say that?”
“Because I know it. I know that she loves me.”
He laughed at my answer and said, “Well, alright prove it and then you shall have her and your life.”
Days passed by and I got no closer to Kriti, she was as beloved to me as she once was, but I was moving that far away from her since she started to become close with that guy named Suhan. And I couldn’t bear this fact that my love was about to be the love of someone else’s life.
I felt if don’t get what I had come here for then I will take her with me so that she would be mine forever. The day had finally arrived, the day when I would get her and get her
for myself and nobody else. I had planned it well and there was no chance of the plan backfiring. Suhan used to accompany Kriti every evening at 8 to her room which was quite far away from the college and the journey between her room and the college had some barren places where hardly any people roamed around and I thought this would be a perfect place for me to execute my plan.
It was 2000 hours and the time had come, I followed them all the way till they reached that barren place and when they were there, I drew my car at nearly 80kmph and when I was about 100 meters away them, I could see a light at a distance which seemed to be shielding them, but I drove the car not caring that light and as I collided against that
light I found myself back to where I was,
“This is what you asked me to send you there for?” He asked with a bit of anger this time.
I kept mum as he continued saying, “Love isn’t something which you can force into somebody’s heart, love isn’t something you get when you don’t express it, love isn’t something which fades with time, love isn’t something which takes you to an extent where you take their lives, love isn’t the one which you have or had for Kriti.”
“Well, I love her and love her more than anything in this world or rather that world, and how can I see my love being with somebody else and being that somebody else’s love?”
He giggled and responded saying, “Love is something which brings you happiness when they are happy, love is something which makes you sacrifice your happiness for their happiness, love is something which will last even if you don’t get it back, love is something which is to be planted and not buried. Love is something which I have for all you humans.”
“If so then why didn’t you give what I yearned from someone I loved?”
“I have given you all of that, this is just a dream which I used to convey you that, “Love the ones who love you, if you don’t, then how can you expect someone whom you love to love you?”
I woke up thanking heaven that it was indeed a dream and not a
reality, well almost.

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