Men’s Sunscreen

Finding the perfect sunscreen for men is a trying task.  While there are seemingly endless brands made for both genders, a sunscreen designed for men like Jacket Sunscreen will ultimately wear longer because of a stronger sweat-proof formula.  Men do sweat more than women, and this can be attributed to our contrasting biochemical makeup—men have more lean muscle mass than women, which means more heat is generated during vigorous activities like exercise, sports, and being under an unforgiving summer sun for long periods of time.

So, what do you look for when finding the perfect choice of men’s sunscreen?  A well-formulated sunscreen should be held to a few essential standards, like these major stipulations:

Standing Up to Sweat

As we mentioned earlier, men have a tendency to produce more sweat than women, and so a sunscreen with a formula that can understand this simple fact of nature will do much better than one that assumes otherwise. Many products that are unisex do not last and drip off the body with the sweat merely hours after application.  Then there are the sunscreens that even after application don’t seem to hold up after one beach volleyball game.  Sweating can have an extremely adverse impact against the effectiveness of a product, and you don’t want to believe you put on sunscreen then come to find out later that your sweat exposed you to a particularly painful sunburn.

Non-Greasy Formula

The last thing anyone wants out of a sunscreen is a greasy feeling after application.  You shouldn’t have to suffer when putting on sunscreen, and fortunately manufactures have grown wise to this dilemma in recent years and begun developing formulas that are non-greasy and smooth.  The trick is to find a men’s sunscreen that checks all of the boxes all while still maintaining a non-greasy application.

UV Protection

This criteria is a given when it comes to a superb sunscreen.  A perfect men’s sunscreen should above all else, protect your skin against harmful UV rays.  The best men’s sunscreen, however, should protect your skin and manage to hit all of the rest of the requirements with ease.  Skin cancer is all too common and can affect all of us, and that’s why when searching for the right sunscreen, the product should be thoroughly vetted for optimal protection.

The Best Men’s Sunscreen

In order to find the best men’s sunscreen, we looked for something that stood up to the test of hot weather, sweaty sports, and remained waterproof after a few dips in the pool.  We also searched for a sunscreen that effectively protected the skin against harmful UV rays, a given factor for sunscreen, but we wanted a product that was known to do this basic job and more.  And of course, the trickiest part of the search was to find a sunscreen that met all of these requirements and had a little something else to put it above the rest.

Jacket Sunscreen for Men became a clear winner against the numerous other brands it was up against.  What makes Jacket unique is that it is specifically designed with men in mind, knowing that the amount we sweat can impact the effectiveness of the sunscreen we apply.  Not only was Jacket ranked as one of the best sunscreens on the market, the formula is also non-greasy and provides nourishment to the skin.

Your sunscreen doesn’t have to moisturize and protect your skin, but Jacket does anyway, and this added bonus really does set it above the rest.  Its formula is comprised of fruit extracts, infused with vitamin C, E, and aloe vera, all of which are excellent for any dehydrated or sun-exposed skin. Having a sunscreen that is filled to the brim with powerful antioxidants will make your skin feel better after spending hours beneath a hot sun than it would beforehand.

Jacket’s formula for men protects your skin against cancer while also working to prevent age spots and sunspots, as well as lines, wrinkles, and other blemishes. For men that cannot be bothered with applying more than one cream, lotion, or other beauty product, then Jacket should be your go-to tube of all-in-one: sun protection, moisturizing nourishment, and hydrating sun-damaged skin.

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