Men in Black 3 movie review

MIB3: Will Smith, Men in Black 3

Agent J and Agent K are back with even more disgusting aliens than before and some very sickening scenes for vegans. The basic plot is similar to the previous two MiB’s i.e. the two of the agents save the world from the selfish ambitions of some deranged creature from some other planet. In this movie the concept of time travel is dominant throughout the movie.

Will Smith is once again successful in the humorous role he plays as Agent J. His antics in several scenes are successful and he even got the well deserving applause once or twice during the course of the movie. However, Tommy Lee Jones is not that effective in the movie as he was in the previous MiB movies. Maybe it is his part of playing dull or maybe it is his age but the chemistry between J and K as seen in the previous movies is somehow missing from this one. Josh Brolin, who plays the younger version of Agent K is successful in being the stern and yet funny partner of Agent J.

Men in black 3 movie review 1
Mib3: Will Smith, Men In Black 3

The overall experience of the movie is good but the 3-D part of the movie is not stunning and for someone who just saw ‘The Avengers’ in 3-D the special effects would be disappointing.

What’s good:
* the acting of Will Smith and Josh Brolin
* the portrayal of the concept of time travel
* the protagonist i.e. Jemaine Clement (you will hate him)

What’s bad:
* the part of Tommy Lee Jones which wasn’t as good as previous MiB’s
* the chemistry between Agent J and Agent K is missing

The overall rating of the movie according to me is: 2.5/5

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