MCODS- Mangalore: From One Milestone To The Other

October 7th 2013, was considered as a golden day in the history of MCODS when Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) machine was inaugurated registering it as the first dental college acquiring such a machine. U. T. Khadar,  Minister of  Health and Family Welfare,   Dr. H.S. Ballal, Pro-Chancellor, Manipal University and Dr. V. Surendra Shetty, Pro Vice Chancellor,  Manipal University were  the chief guests.



Dr. Dilip Nayak , Dean, MCODS , welcomed the gathering and announced it as a  milestone for college congratulating all the members of MCODS. It has the latest software applications like 3D face photo, 3D model scan, 3D ortho studio, Ceph analysis and ENT applications. CBCT machine has revolutionized the field of Oral Maxillofacial and Radiology (OMR) and is widely going to benefit the diagnosis and treatment planning of patients.


CBCT machine is a variation of the traditional computed tomography machine. The CBCT machine used in maxillofacial imaging, captures data using a cone-shaped x-ray beam. The data obtained is used to reconstruct a three-dimensional image of the teeth, the jaws in head and neck pathology and in the field of ENT. Dental CBCT images provide three-dimensional information, rather than the two-dimensional information provided by conventional X-ray image.





Clinical applications of CBCT include dental implant planning, visualization of dental abnormalities etc.

This will be highly beneficial for general public and doctors of different specialities of medicine and dentistry. It will not only be available for academics and research but also clinically to the community in and around Mangalore and the neighbouring districts of Kerala. The charges will be nominal making it accessible to everyone. People of all age groups can undergo CBCT.

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