Manipal University Finally Gets Recognition From Sharma Aunty; Erupts In Joy

Riding high on the recent success of its alumni Satya Nadella and Rajeev Suri in the corporate world, Manipal University today added another feather in its cap by getting much-coveted recognition from Sharma Aunty. This historic moment took place at Chandni Chowk during an afternoon banter of a group of aunties.

Ketan Bhagat, a third year student from MIT Manipal, was asked by Sharma aunty in the colony about his college. When he said ‘Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal University’, he saw awe and admiration in her eyes. She then asked, “Woh CEO wala college na?”

Ketan, who was used to responses like ‘drugs wala college’, ‘donation college’ ‘Sikkim wala college’ etc. so far, was left speechless for a while. He was even more surprised when Sharma aunty knew the exact location of Manipal University and proceeded to demonstrate it on the map of India.

Sharma aunty finally recognises Manipal University.
Sharma aunty finally recognises Manipal University.  
P.S. We apologise for the resemblance of Sharma aunty with a prominent Member of Parliament. This is absolutely co-incidental.

He immediately called up  Manipal University and broke the news to them. The public relations officer of Manipal University then convened a press conference and announced this recognition to whoever was listening in the world.

“We humbly accept this recognition from Sharma aunty. It is a great moment for us. This wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of our students and staff. I dedicate this honor to the Manipal University family. I also use this occasion to convey my special thanks to our alumni Satya Nadella and Rajeev Suri who brought laurels to Manipal University recently,” he said in the press conference.

As soon as the news came out, thousands of students took to streets to celebrate this unique achievement. ManipalBlog managed to speak to one such student Virat Kohli in the boisterous crowd. He screamed, ” THANK YOU, SHARMA AUNTY. YOUR RECOGNITION IS A TIGHT SLAP TO MY F**** NEIGHBOUR GUPTA UNCLE!!”

Reportedly, DeeTee and Blue Waters have announced free drinks today marking the occasion. The laundry walas are offering free laundry for a week and the dobermen have decided to celebrate by being more uncooperative with the students.

P.S.: All the facts in this article are made up. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

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