Manipal Psycho : Fights are Forever

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“Common what are you waiting for? I got this baby. I have always got you out of trouble and will do the same this time. You got nothing to lose, you can’t do anything anyway!” he said trying to dominate as he always does. He knows the time is his and he can convince me in a moment but this time I decided to give it all I have.

“No Markiv, No I am tired of you. I am tired of losing and coming to you for your “efficient”, “one of a kind” solutions to my problems. I don’t need you. I don’t need you anymore”

“Ha-ha you don’t need me? Common I thought your sense of humor was better than that. Ha ha can’t stop laughing man.Okay lemme get this straight ahem… soo… Markiv who has split personalities apparently is tired of his”Other” personality and wants to get rid of him. Hmmm… deep thought…Eh… you know ahh…nice plan I am totally into this with you.Let us begin with – which one of us is “you”. The loser Markiv who can’t get anything straight, can’t fight his temptations, is filled with sorrow when he sees a sad face? You think that is you? Dude lemme tell you something, man like you are anti-evolutionary. If I were not with you, you would have been wiped out by natural selection. I mean common man can’t you bloody see. I am the one that completes you. I am one who always solves your problems”

“You don’t solve my problems; you create them in the first place and act as if you are the “tough one”, “the right one”. You are nothing but a disease in my head and I am not getting fooled anymore”

“Let’s go get a coffee without sugar , extra bitter.”

“Stop it Markiv its not funny .I am serious just get out of my head. Our body doesn’t know who to listen to when we fight and at the end it has to suffer neither you are gonna change nor am I”

“Why are we going this way? Aren’t we supposed to go that way” she said pulling her hand back and clearly annoyed.

“Oh yeah …I know …this way right” I told her

“Why don’t you introduce me to her *wink*” he got back

“Shut the f*ck up for at least a second in my life”

“What???” she asked me

“Nothing honey let’s get some dinner”

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