Manipal of the Future –

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Within the past 50 years science has taken great strides. Radio, television, computers, the space flights, and tbe mighty Hydrogen bombs have been invented. Who knows what the next 50 years will bring? Let’s take a fanciful trip a half-century into the future and see how Manipal may change.

Manipal’s class buildings now tower well over a thousand feet. As the dawn slowly breaks, the sky is filled with thousands of space rocket cars as Manipalites madly scramble lor parking space on crowded aero-parking plalforms.
Coming in all jets wide open, is the hero of this little saga, Hoogar, ace interplanetary bum, Hoogar has one minute to find a space to park or he will have his third absent mark in his 7 a.m. class. He sees with horror that someone else is occupying his parking space. Quickly he whips out his Manipal Monk atomic dissolver and blasts the car below him.
Laughing fiendishly to himself, he puts on his Captain Jet anti-gravity belt and floats to his first class. The classroom is housed in the huge plastic and glass interplanetary basic sciences building.
As he comes to the door an electric eye opens it and an escalator takes him into class. At the beginning of the lecture, Hoogar sinks back into his plush contour chair and turns on the i-record that records everything the instructor says.
When class is over he takes the west-bound escalator to the Food Court. As Hoogar enters this most ancient and time honored Manipal traditional hangout, he hears the atom-powered jukebox blaring “Space Dog,” the million selling hit of the day.
As Hoogar slides to his next class, he thinks to himself, “One thing that doesn’t change with time is rock ‘n roll music.”

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