Manipal Interrupted

Manipal Sunset by the sea

Many captions and stories have been written expressing the anger towards the pandemic for bringing our Manipal life to a stop even before we could start living it. I completely get the rage; I am one of you.

Two months was all I got to make a home out of a completely unknown city with completely unfamiliar people. But boy! It was the best two months! Although quite far from calling it home yet, I for once want to leave the anger behind and be thankful for the little journey which resulted in giving me a lifetime of memories.Manipal Skies
Today morning I was thrown into a pool of emotions by a friend who wrote an extremely overwhelming piece about how she cannot wait to go back to the cuddles of her favorite people. Reading that made me realize that I probably would not have anything to look forward to post-pandemic if it were not for those two months.

The very reason that the pandemic and sudden lockdown angers me is that it is stopping me from living the classic Manipal life with my favorite set of people. Those french fries coupled with old monk tetra packs in DeeTee, playing dumb charades in house parties, impromptu beach visits, sharing stories over a tower of beer in Froth on Top, or simple savoring comfort food in MIC canteen; were it not for those two months, these memories would have never been mine to call.

To all the freshers yet to get lost in the beauty of Manipal, trust me when I say this, Manipal has nothing but great things in store for you. For starters, look at these picturesque skies. Meanwhile, here’s hoping the situation gets better so that I can complete my Manipal journey while you embark on yours.

Pictures by: Nikhil Narang
Blog by @vardachoudhary

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