Manipal Akka: Oh Brother!


I HAD a delightful five-plus hours marathon conversation with a friend several days ago. He opened up and shared with me in a way that would surprise most.
We have erroneous preconceived opinions about men. We tend to lump them all in one huge, ready to burn pile. We say that they are good for nothing dogs, and use other inhumane unprintable names to describe them. Time to rethink!

Some of my best friends are men. Not all of them may be our ideal mate material, but I’ve found out that if we forget the “is he a possible partner”? question-we have the potential of a wonderful friend!

We do some really dumb things you know. We qualify a man by how he looks, what he drives, the size of his bank account, his job position and by all the outer trappings. How would you like to be judged by where you are in your life now? I wouldn’t, but I know where I’m going is better! Give the brother some time, especially if his heart is in the right place.

Our men are hurting too. They want a wonderful relationship too. They want success. They want to be understood too! We are guilty of some of the very things we accuse them of. Surely we can reach out to them the way we want them to reach out to us. Let’s create some balance here.

I have always contended that there are “good” men. I have continued to believe in them and defend them at times. I have the best son-in-law in the entire universe. There were times that my daughter accused me of taking his side. But I saw his heart. She has grown to appreciate this and now “fly can’t light on him!”

I know first hand what it is to have relationships not work out the way I expected them to. I can’t blame the other person totally for that. I had to accept that I made wrong choices along the way. If you put the cart before the horse, something is bound to topple over!

I value my friendships with members of the opposite sex. I know that not all of them are where we would like them to be-but let’s keep working on ourselves.

I know this God fearing, honest, kind, loving, supportive man. He is a giver of the highest order! He is a wonderful man. If he is not all that he projects, what I perceive him to be -I will get him all of Shah Rukh Khan‘s awards!

Men I applaud you today! I know that most of you are doing the best you can. Those of you who are not, I beseech you to rise up! You cannot afford to continue to hide your light!

Be blessed.

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