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The first scene HAS to be a high-octane action chase in some ‘third world’ country! The actor drives his overpriced car while knocking over the poor people and their vegetable carts and when finally that doesn’t work out; he blows up the whole town just for the kicks!

Welcome! We have a new typical Hollywood movie!

Then the scene shifts to a posh building in USA where the hero celebrates his exploits in a party. The protagonist is usually cynical as hell, has a dark past and has a six-pack. The wife is always complaining about how he doesn’t spend enough time with the family and the children need a dad (a passive aggressive way of saying that if you don’t come home on time, I am going to divorce you). Megan Fox

Then comes the actual plot where the protagonist is in some deep mess and has to leave his family for one last time. The FBI, CIA, Secret Service and every agency in the western world are after that innocent guy. And how do we know that he is innocent? Because some techie pulls out data on the guy and says: A couple of parking tickets aside, the guy is clean!

Then comes the villain who rarely has any facial expression and kills one guy just to show the audience how badass he is. *Chills*

Then finally the guy gets his “team” and they have to do something like break into the high security building with no loopholes except the one that the computer guy always knows. Then they proceed to break a series of international laws. Finally the same high-octane chase scene repeats itself, this time in broad daylight in a ‘first world’ country! Bravo!!

The villain finally runs out of his guys and jumps into the scene. He shoots the hero but only in non-vital organs so that he doesn’t die but the audience is shocked enough. Finally, the actor pulls himself up and kills the guy, and collapses in his own pool of blood.

In the last minute of the movie, he comes out of the hospital and promises his team a sequel while his wife waits for him at the parking lot. They kiss and he promises to be a ghar-jamai so that they don’t get divorced. They walk hand in hand as the credits roll.

In the sequel, it is revealed that he is now divorced and has a drinking problem. And then the whole cycle repeats itself.

PS: Ya! Even their movies are really predictable at times. But predictable plots look good on 3D.

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