Lucky Lips ? – February fever

“Lips that laugh, lips that smile
with your prongs makes me eye.
Lips that moan, lips that sigh,
takes me to a loathsome high.” – Author unnamed


This  love-festive week of February , where love is everywhere it’s a rather demanding week for those lips.Lips are always an important part of our expressions and should therefore be well looked after. I mean a smile can get you anything , can’t it? So just in case you haven’t paid much attention to them  (and this goes out to both men AND women), start now. Get’em smacking !

#1. Lips need sun protection too! Apply lip balms and moisturizing creams that contain sun protection to prevent your lips for becoming “tanned”, dark and dry. Look for  SPF15  and vitamins A and E in a lipbalm . balm

#2.Exfoliate-scrub-clean . Exfoliation of lips is required to remove dead cells and pollutants from lips. Get a nice scrub which is chemical free with extracts of fruits and other natural items for deep cleaning of lips. This helps to get rid of impurities and lighter the dark tone of our lips. One can also use a tooth brush or sugar scrub for cleaning lips.natural-lip

#3. Massage your lips.Massage your lips daily to increase the circulation of blood to your lips.This will increase supply of blood to lips and make them clear and look red. Massages are great form of exercise that will make your lips muscles fresh and ready for (cough) smiling!

#4. Quit smoking . Yes , smoking can lead to darkening of lips . It can also cause your lips to look older and wrinkled. It sure looks pretty amazing in movies when an actor breathes out a puff of smoke , but in real life it causes a plethora of deadly diseases , lip darkening is the least of it . Applying almond oil on lips can help lighten the colour , a paste of lime juice , glycerine and honey also helps.

"SMOKING" is NOT hot!
“SMOKING” is NOT hot!

#5.Inhibitions. Avoid licking lips because saliva on lips leads to drying of lips. Stop biting lips. This makes lips cracked and chapped.Remove lipstick before going to bed. Keep your caffeine intake to a normal limit (not more than 2 times a day).

Like I say always , follow these few tips and I’m sure you’ll have beautiful and lush lips . And get ready to have some fun with them!;-)

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