Lord of the Ring Tones!!

It’s quarter past midnight and I’m staring blankly into my books, someone shrieks all of the sudden…. Is it my idiotic room mate again, “wake up”, I tell myself… You live alone in a house !!! What is this throbbing in my head then? , vibrating in my ears…. certainly not tinnitus. Oops its my hand held communication device, my mobile phone… quite determined to wake up all the neighbours!

There I go into my mobile world. Just 5 years ago, I had a peaceful, harmonious life till I had my first encounter with my petite Nokia 1100 handset. Something told me not to indulge in these integrated circuits setting a net for myself, letting myself be tracked everywhere. But then it was the ‘In thing’ to have a mobile they said. Since then my life’s been revolving around these creatures, my whole and sole (soul?) source of utilizing time, studying less…. messaging more!!

It’s mobile boom everywhere now (They replicate faster than the bacteria in MANIPAL). But these little things (sIZE dOES mATTER) have their pros too…. from clicking snaps of chicks in the library to livening up boring lectures with polyphonics in the past and MP3 today (where else do you show your new Nokia with super mp3 clarity?) Cupids been firing them too… not arrows but SMSes (Sweet Memory Shared).

They’re ALL set to whirlwind the future. Someday you maybe able to send your mobile to class, zooming the powerpoint slides and transparenciesfor you… one smart way of increasing class numbers while decreasing the class room sizes. But what about our age old problem… giving proxies for other mobiles?… Well that might be possible if the teachers choose to teach via phones tooo….! Rings a Bell… Huh?!! Idea.

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