Lonely Jack O’ Lanterns

Halloween was in the air

But the silence of the year,

Death threats from the pandemic

Crept up high and low

Down the streets and to all corners

Wasn’t it supposed to be a fun day?

Agitating serenity filling the streets,

Abandoning the merriness of the day,

Terrifying titbit elements of joy

That clung to towering trees

And low lying flowers!

This was a different day, a weird one

Awaiting the usual call of Festivity,

Little feets hurrying down streets

And the air filling with spirits and woos

From ghosts hiding behind haunted homes

All I say is- Halloween is here

And my heart is haunted, abandoned and fearful


As the branch creaks silently

And the pumpkins glimmer alone,

Garish grins welcoming no one.

As if it was

The maws of Tartarus

No one plays princess or icon

To walk down the rain-drenched street.

It is the start of the century

And the moon is red with blood

On a very lonely October.

And a lone bat departs from the rafters.

Its leathery wings heralding a new century.

Filling the rain-soaked asphalt loneliness.

Free from candy or mirth.



Written by: Arul and Sonia

Feature Image: Cypnie Dalmeida 


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