Lock your bike securely

There are some simple precautions that you can take to minimize the risk:1. Park your bike where it is in clear view of passers by. Avoid dark, poorly overlooked areas, especially if the bike is to be left there after dark.

2. Use good quality cycle stands where you have the option. The Sheffield type stand gives the best security in most instances.

3. Avoid stands that hold your bike by one wheel only. They can damage your wheels.

4. Use an appropriate quality lock for the location. Most locks now carry a security rating, the higher the rating, the more difficult the lock is to break. If a lock doesn’t have a security rating it will deter opportunistic theft but not professional thieves.

5. Use two locks if possible – a high security lock to fix your bike frame to the stand, and a cable lock to protect the wheels.

6. Wrapping the cable lock once around the stand will help prevent your bike being knocked over and damaged.

7. Take any removal items (pumps, lights etc) with you.

8. If your saddle has a quick release lever, lock it to your frame or take it with you.

9. Park your bike in a considerate manner. If it is in other peoples’ way it is more likely to get damaged.

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