Life, Time And Death

Our time is so limited, our lives are trapped in the cage of time , a cage which is so small yet appears so big that we feel as of it is limitless , but one day the cage will opened up by some mysterious force and my myth will be broken , my dreams shattered and I’ll be set free.

Each day I get up and get involved in my day…same classes , same room , same people yet when I look back I see that everything has changed. For instance one day I was browsing the pics of my school. I suddenly saw a pic which was taken in 1996 and I still remember that moment when my DAD dropped me for the first day at school and when he was about to leave i was all crying somehow wishing that I could go back to home rather attending school and I was all by myself….those innocent moments which were once I thought were a part of eternity have now gone by….those innocent eyes , the mischievous smile , the fear , the stupidity , the dependency and last but not the least the silliness and willingness of life has gone and here I am just 3 months away from graduation. I never ever thought that life could ever change , I must not have even thought that I would one day even walk on my own… Holding the finger of my dad and looking at his face I never knew I would take life all by myself..So here I am sitting in my room all alone and pondering over the past , may be cherishing it but I am not sad that it’s over instead I am glad that I was a part of it . I haven’t died yet and I still have all the time in the universe like i had before , the only difference being that I am gonna live in the present … This is it ,this is life , this is what life means and yeah THIS IS HOW IT HAS TO BE!!




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