Just screwed up

I am talking about me-myself(and also my colleagues).Well, we are just done with our scheduled discussion today-about experiments we did on Monday.In spite of giving highly concentrated reading yesterday, we couldn’t meet our prof’s expectation or perhaps they have higher expectations from us than we actually deserve.this discussions and all that were not a part of protocol of pg-education till last year so quite obviously we faced some(in fact many)unexpected questions.
Whatever may be the reason but initially I got extremely frustrated, and being a human that was a normal phenomena.But my senior, Dr Ashwin, told me a simple thing that they are bombarding we people just to stimulate us to read more.And my feelings for my faculty suddenly changed from anger to respect.Yes, they bear all the curses from their students for the goodwill of students only.Their motive is to improve us and our capabilities.Salute to them.
The message I’m trying to convey here is Respect your Profs.They are your well-wishers.

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