Just A Second!

The Universe came into existence in an instant. Everything we know, everything we see, everything that ever was or will be was made in that instant. It is possible there existed a universe before that… who can prove otherwise, right? It is possible that there are similar ‘uni’verses that are limited and guarded by laws of Physics like ours is. Maybe we’re part of a universe in a succession of multiverses that each occupy their share of infinity. But it all began in an instant.

Every second for the past 13.7 BILLION years after that has been nothing but a chain reaction to the explosion that occurred spontaneously throughout the universe. A process of heating and cooling, death and rebirth, light and dark. All to lead to this moment.

If you were floating in space, and after 13.7 billion years happened to come across Earth, would you not be amazed by what thrives here? Granted, we aren’t very intelligent or crafty with what is given to us. We’re ruining our home, killing each other and looking to the skies for ways to plunder and destroy even more of the Galaxy. But we can.

Just the fact that we are made of pretty much the same thing the whole universe is made of is amazing enough. Add to it the fact that we can see, understand and take wonder at all that is around AND inside us. Who would have thought that what happened in that one tiny fraction of a second could have led, in due course, to one collection of star stuff telling another collection of star stuff some stuff about stars?

There could have easily been Time for trillions of years before the Big Bang. But the second that counts was the one in which all of infinity decided to pump its energy to the max in one go. The point I’m getting to, is that it doesn’t matter how long you stay dormant for. Nor does it matter what you plan to achieve at the end of your road. All that matters is you deciding when your Instant is. The Instant in which you put your 100% in, that will last 13.7 Billion years, only to lead to something worthwhile happening for a little while at the end.

Which is why doing anything is never easy. You’ll have to wait your 13.7 billion years to quit smoking. You’ll have to wait your 13.7 billion years to become a doctor. You’ll have to wait 13.7 billion years to get in shape. All that matters is having that 100% at just that right instant.

So YOU must decide NOW when that instant is. Because after those grueling 13.7 billion years… There’s nothing but infinite time in front of you.

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